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From: Akeley Village Hall Committee
Subject: Jan - Dec 2020 Annual Report to for Akeley VH AGM. Date: 26/08/2021
Not surprisingly in the last financial year, the Village Hall has made a loss due to the disruption of the COVID-19 situation. From the first lock down in March the regular activities and bookings have been disrupted, as has the whole country.
We have been able to open, when permitted, in line with the regulations. COVID-19 risk assessments were carried out along with the required work preparing the hall to operate in a safe and controlled manner.
The reductions in takings were around 65%. Even after the cost of preparing the hall for COVID-19 operation the loss is only £1766.00. This is due to lower running costs and having received a one-off grant of £1500.00. We made various grant applications; only one was successful. This was because Social and Sport clubs, Village Halls, Parish and Town Councils, Scout Groups and Community Associations, although invaluable to the community, were not being prioritised for the Additional Restrictions Grant.
We remain in a fortunate financial position bearing in mind the effects the pandemic has unleased upon us.
While the restrictions are in place this will have an impact on the next financial year. However, as restrictions ease, we hope to see a catch up in bookings.
The main hall was decorated to maintain its appearance as well as other routine annual maintenance such as PAT testing which is an obligation.
The continued support of the Parish Council in contributing to our maintenance fund remains an important aspect in maintaining this important village asset.
We would still like to find a treasurer and someone to take on the booking role. Neither of these roles would need to be carried out by a trustee.
While we continue to be committed to managing and maintaining this important village asset, I would like to thank all members of the committee and our caretaker for their dedication and time in these unusual circumstances we have all found ourselves in.
Andy Sayer Chairman

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